Bolinao Church

The Lighthouse20131024-085643.jpg

This is one of the oldest church in Bolinao. Im not Catholic but i appreciate how religion contributed alot in our history.


Live Life To The Fullest

Live Life To The Fullest

I cant help myself but to be amazed by how beautiful the scenery was. Its almost like in a movie. I really feel the fresh air brushing my face, the cool sea breeze and the sounds of each waves breaking every inch of the rock surfaces. Well its really not a rock, the local said its a dead coral. Yes, it is! they said that thousand years ago this place was under the sea. So that explains why.

We created a short music video in this very location, check out my other post titled ” Bella in Bolinao” . My friend Belle did not hesitate when i asked her that i will be using her as my subject. I love girls who don’t have inhibitions with doing all sorts of adventure.

Loving The Sun of Bolinao

After waiting for almost two weeks we finally able to set our schedules straight. Its time to go to the beach! My friend Mabelle is always game whenever there is a chance to go on a trip. I asked her to come with me to Bolinao Pangasinan located in the northern part of the Philippines. This is our first time to go here and we didnt really expect that its really this good! Its almost like paradise for me. The sand is not too powdery and not too white but i love how it feels comfortable under my bare sole. Though there are only two of us went on a trip we had such a great adventure. Please see all my other photos of Bolinao.