Bella in Bolinao ; Made by Videostar

So here it is!!! Okay so this is just for fun, we are not a professional actor or actress. We just love selfies, but this time we want it in videos. For those who might ask, YES she is a female not a trans woman! Haha, Well she gets that a lot. I love Bella she has no pretensions whatsoever, what you see is what you get!

Now about the video, I just used my Iphone4s to shoot this with the help of Videostar app in applestore. Its FREE! I downloaded it and started exploring the features. I was really impressed with how you can come up with video effects like the ones you can find in paid apps. Like iMovie app.that costs about 4USD.

The song i used is Come and Get it by the beautiful Miss Selena Gomez. I particularly selected this song because of how it sounds, the element of each instrument used in this song is perfect for the scenery.

So i hope you guys enjoy our little music video. by the way i was able to capture a mini rainbow while shooting this!

I will post more videos with themes soon so watch out for that!


Patar White Beach, Bolinao Getaway

A funny, colorful and happy footage of our trip to the province of Bolinao in Pangasinan Philippines. We had an amazing day at the beach!

I love how its not crowded, you can definitely enjoy your stay!